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Sasha Banks thrives on silencing her critics. Once told she wouldn’t be tough or strong enough to make it in NXT, Banks continues to prove the doubters wrong. She draws upon her naturally competitive nature and will to compete, proving herself a token of inspiration to anyone who was ever denied an opportunity.The Boss very nearly got her first taste of championship gold at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution, where she pushed NXT Women’s Champion (and former BFF) Charlotte to the limit...
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SummerSlam 2015

Team PCB defeats Team Bella & Team B.A.D
After competing in the best woman's match off all time at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Sasha was not at 100% and that unfortunately got Team B.A.D eliminated early on with Tamina taking the pin.
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Team Bella (The Bella Twins & Alicia Fox) vs. Team Bad (Naomi, Sasha Banks and Tamina)

Naomi said that there’s been alot bark from alot of divas who have zero bite and talking about who started the Divas Revolution. Banks asked if anybody cared about who started the Divas Revolution and that Paige can continue to whine, Charlotte can continue to cry and The Bellas can continue to harp on their title reign. Banks said that the end of the day none of the Divas have anything on Team Bad and you can Bank on that. Brie and Banks start off the match with a brawl. Banks slaps Brie. Brie rams Banks head on the turnbuckle. Brie kicks Banks chest. Banks with a rollup for a two count. Banks tags in Naomi. Naomi and Banks with a double team move Brie for a one count. Brie tags in Fox. Naomi avoids the double team move from Team Bella. Naomi tags in Tamina. Fox tags in Nikki. Nikki with a side headlock. Nikki tries to over power Tamina. Nikki taunts Tamina. Tamina with a shoulder tackle and a Samoan Drop. Tamina goes up top for the SuperFly Splash and Team Bella drags Nikki out of the ring. Naomi and Sasha storm into the ring and connect with baseball slide kicks to Brie and Fox which sends them off the apron and we have a stare off.

We see Naomi applying a side headlock on Nikki. Naomi tries to go for the Rear View and Nikki dodges. Naomi knocks Brie and Alicia off the apron. Nikki connects with a strong elbow to the face of Naomi. Nikki with a shoulder tackle for a two count. Nikki tags in Fox. Fox with a top rope elbow drop to Naomi wrist. Fox grounds Naomi. Fox and Naomi run into each other with running clotheslines. Fox tags in Nikki. Banks come off the hot tag. Nikki spears Banks for a one count. Nikki with a side elbow. Banks with the double knee stomp on Nikki for a two count. Fox and Naomi brawl in the ring. Tamina knocks down Fox. Brie sends Tamina out of the ring. Nikki knocks down Banks from behind a for two count. Nikki goes for the Rack Attack and Tamina distracts from the ring apron. Banks applies the Bank Statement on Nikki. Brie tries to break the submission attempt, but Tamina super kicks her. Banks still has the Bank Statement submission hold locked in and Nikki finally taps.

Winner: Team Bad (Naomi, Sasha Banks and Tamina) via Submission

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Sasha Banks, Paige, Eden and Summer Rae pose in these rugby-esque photos

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Natalya vs. Naomi (w/ Sasha Banks & Naomi)

Naomi pushes Natty, and Natty grabs a side headlock. Both Divas go for a drop kick at the same time, then they both flip to their feet. Naomi puts Natty in a hammerlock, before bulldogging Natty into the turnbuckle. Body slam followed by a leg drop by Naomi. Natty kicks out at two. Natty is about to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Sasha Banks gets on the apron. Natty turns around and walks into the rear view by Naomi. Natalya is down for the count.

Winner- Naomi

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Paige & Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks & Naomi w/Tamina Snuka 

Becky and Naomi start off the match. Becky lands a series of uppercuts and hip tosses Naomi. Naomi tags in Sasha. Becky arms drag Sasha and gets her into a arm lock. Becky with a series of craddle pin attempts for two counts. Sasha regains control of the match. Naomi and Sasha work over Becky in their corner. They continue to keep Becky isolated, and Banks gets a near fall. Banks with a snap mare and works a seated abdominal stretch on Becky. Becky works to escape, Sasha chokes her in the ropes and then tags in Naomi.

Naomi covers Becky for two count and then goes back to a seated stretch on Becky. Naomi maintains control, dances a bit and tags in Banks, who lays in the kicks to Becky and covers for two count. Banks again tries to ground Becky, who works to her feet and gets the hip toss to escape. Becky with the boot and a shot on Naomi, looks for the tag and the heels cut her off again. She finally kicks them away and here comes Paige. Paige with repeated kicks and knees to Naomi after tossing  Sasha, Becky pulls Sasha to the floor as she tries a distraction, which worked anyway as Naomi rolled up Paige for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks & Naomi

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We see an SUV appear at Full Sail and Sasha Banks emerges out of the SUV.

After the match, Bayley takes the mic and she . . .

is interrupted by Sasha Banks’ music as she makes her way to the ring.

Sasha gets in Bayley’s face and she tells Bayley she is probably wondering why she is out here. She says she did not come out here to belittle or berate you. She says she came out here to congratulate Bayley. Since Takeover, all she has heard is that they stole the show. People said it was the Match of the Year. Sasha says it was the best women’s match this company has ever seen.

Sasha says it is great for everyone but her. She didn’t come here to put on good matches or steal the show. She came here to be the best. Sasha says that Bayley is good. At Takeover, Bayley earned her respect. She was better for three seconds only. You are not her.

Bayley says she is not going to let Sasha come out because she has a legacy to start. If you are out here asking for a rematch, she has no problem with that.

Sasha says she has a point to prove. She has to prove it to everyone in the back that she is the best female wrestler. She does not only want to beat her, she wants to send a message.

Bayley says if you want to prove who is the best women’s wrestler, do you want a two out of three falls match?

Sasha says she wants to beat Bayley again and again and again until everyone realizes that fairy tales do not have a happy ending.

William Regal comes out and says that he has heard enough to realize that we have a tremendous opportunity. On October 7th at Takeover, Sasha will get her rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship against Bayley. William says he is going to up the ante. For the first time in NXT history, it will be the main event of Takeover. William says he is not finished. The ante is going to be upped a little more.

In the Main Event at Takeover, Sasha will face Bayley in a thirty minute Iron Man match.


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