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Sasha Banks thrives on silencing her critics. Once told she wouldn’t be tough or strong enough to make it in NXT, Banks continues to prove the doubters wrong. She draws upon her naturally competitive nature and will to compete, proving herself a token of inspiration to anyone who was ever denied an opportunity.The Boss very nearly got her first taste of championship gold at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution, where she pushed NXT Women’s Champion (and former BFF) Charlotte to the limit...
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SummerSlam 2015

Team PCB defeats Team Bella & Team B.A.D
After competing in the best woman's match off all time at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Sasha was not at 100% and that unfortunately got Team B.A.D eliminated early on with Tamina taking the pin.
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Sasha Banks

Getting picked to roll with The Boss is as exclusive an honor as it gets. So exclusive, in fact, that Sasha Banks has restricted her Survivor Series dream team to all Diva members. And not wilting flower Divas, either. Tough Divas who could give most men a run for their money. How else to describe Jazz, of whom Banks admits, “I wouldn’t wanna mess with her”? Or technical queen Molly Holly, one of Sasha’s favorites as a kid? Or Sasha’s fellow WWE Iron Woman, Bayley? “She beat me, so I know how good she is,” Banks admitted.

The fifth member is a bit of a wild card, not that she should be written off: “[Peyton Royce] is a newcomer at NXT. She’s really good and [I want] to give her an opportunity to show the world that she’s here and she’s awesome.” Hey, once upon a time, that was Sasha, too. Game recognizes game.

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With the latest Rocky movie hitting screens soon, Sasha Banks, Summer Rae and Becky Lynch lace up their gloves and make “the sweet science” sexy in this punched up photo gallery.

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Sasha Banks says that Natalya is always looking for attention and she got it. Renee Young said that Natalya told that she challenges the leader of Team Bad to a match. Renee wants to know who’s the leader. Sasha Banks implied that she’s the leader of the group. Naomi said that the leader will put a end to Natalya. Sasha Banks once again buds in and says she will and storms off. Naomi and Tamina looked confused. Naomi walks away and Tamina is left alone and gives Reene Young the mean mug. 

Tamina Snuka w/Sasha Banks and Naomi vs. Natalya 

Natalya with right hands to Tamina. Tamina with a wrist lock. Tamina headbutts Natalya. Tamina with a knee drop to Natalya. Natalya with a dropkick for a one count. Naomi distracts Natalya. Tamina with the superkick. Naomi with right hand to Natalya from the outside. Tamina with a headlock. Tamina with a clothesline. Tamina launches Natalya to the corner. Natalya with a clothesline. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter and Sasha Banks hops on the ring apron. Tamina with the Samoan Drop to Natalya. Tamina goes for the Superfly Splash, but Natalya ducks out and rolls Tamina up to pickup the victory.

Winner: Natalya

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Sasha Banks is in her dressing room getting ready and JoJo asks her if there is any anxiety going into her match. Sasha asks JoJo what is her question. Sasha tells JoJo there is not a lot of pressure on her to deliver. The people want Sasha and Becky, Paige, and Brie will learn what Natalya learned on Smackdown. She is the boss and Charlotte will learn. Sasha tells JoJo the boss is taking over.

Becky Lynch versus Sasha Banks versus Brie Bella versus Paige in a Number One Contender Match

Brie goes after Becky and sends her to the mat and gets a near fall. Brie gets another near fall on Becky while Paige sits in the corner and sees Sasha and Brie push each other. Becky with a drop kick to Brie and Sasha and then he punches Paige.

Becky with a rollup on Sasha and follows with arm drags into an arm bar. Sasha sends Becky to the mat and gets a near fall. Sasha with a kick to Brie and she sends Brie into the turnbuckles. Sasha tries for a slam but Becky escapes. Becky with a sunset flip for a near fall. Becky with a rollup for a near fall. Becky with a back slide for a near fall. Becky blocks a kick and hits a dragon screw leg whip and gets a near fall.

Becky with snap leg drops and a twisting leg drop for a near fall. Brie goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick. Brie announces it is Brie Mode time and she connects with a knee to Sasha and then to Becky. Paige with a thrust kick to Brie and then Becky attacks Paige and they fall to the floor. Becky sends Paige into the ringside barrier but Paige sends Becky into the ring steps.

Sasha puts Brie on the turnbuckles and hits the double knee drop and gets a near fall. Sasha with a snap mare and a running slap to Brie for a near fall. Sasha keeps Paige from getting into the ring because Sasha has exercised eminent domain over Paige’s house. Brie gets a near fall and sends Sasha into the turnbuckles. Brie with a bulldog for a near fall>

Sasha with an Irish whip but she runs into a knee. Brie misses a missile drop kick and Paige gets a near fall on Brie as we go to commercial.

We are back and Brie with Kicks of Yes to Sasha. Now it is time for the kicks to Becky. Paige with a rollup for a near fall. Brie with a running clothesline and then she kicks Paige. Becky breaks up the cover. Brie with a kick and X Factor for a near fall. Paige sends Brie into the turnbuckles and connects with a knee. Paige puts Brie on the turnbuckles and punches Brie in the midsection>

Brie pushes Paige away and kicks her. Becky grabs Brie by the hair and Brie climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex. Paige stops Brie and she gets under Brie and connects with a forearm and head butt to Becky.

Brie and Paige go for a double superplex on Sasha so Becky goes under to complete the Tower of Doom. Sasha goes to the floor from the impact. Becky with a clothesline to Brie and Paige followed by a drop kick to Brie. Becky with a double jump kick in the corner followed by a T-Bone suplex to Paige. Becky with a wrist clutch exploder to Brie and Becky applies the DisArmHer. Sasha breaks up the hold and sends Brie to the floor.

Becky with an inside cradle for a near fall. Becky with European uppercuts but Sasha with a neck breaker and a near fall. Sasha with a lungblower into the Bank Statement and Paige kicks Sasha to break up the hold. Paige sends Sasha into the ring post and then Paige hits the RamPaige on Becky and gets the three count.

Winner: Paige

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B.A.D. news for Natalya

On SmackDown, Team B.A.D. did more than distract Natalya during her anticipated bout with Paige; they delivered a cruel three-on-one beatdown to The Queen of Harts, culminating in an excruciating Bank Statement courtesy of Sasha Banks. Before laying her out, the trio accused Natalya of falsifying her mysterious backstage attack two weeks ago on SmackDown in a grab for attention. Now, it seems, she’s got the full attention of Tamina, Naomi and The Boss.

How will Natalya bounce back this week? Does a Sharpshooter await Sasha on Raw?

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