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Sasha Banks thrives on silencing her critics. Once told she wouldn’t be tough or strong enough to make it in NXT, Banks continues to prove the doubters wrong. She draws upon her naturally competitive nature and will to compete, proving herself a token of inspiration to anyone who was ever denied an opportunity. The Boss very nearly got her first taste of championship gold at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution, where she pushed NXT Women’s Champion...
RAW results – July 25th, 2016


WWE Women’s Title Match: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

We go to the ring and out first comes Sasha Banks to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sasha looks on as WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte is out with Dana Brooke. We get a look back at Bayley and Sasha defeating Charlotte and Dana at Battleground last night. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.

They lock up and go around the ring while locked up. Charlotte pushes Sasha away and they lock up again. Sasha gets a near fall while still locked up. They roll around and Charlotte pushes Sasha into the corner. Sasha with a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte goes for the leg but Sasha blocks it and she gets a near fall with a back slide but Charlotte holds on. Sasha with an elbow and Dana grabs Sasha’s leg and the referee warns Dana. Charlotte goes for a slam but Sasha lands on her feet. Sasha with a lungblower and she applies a straitjacket with her foot in Charlotte’s back.

Charlotte gets to her feet and she backs Sasha into the corner and snap mares Sasha. Sasha goes for the Banks Statement but Charlotte gets to the ropes and the floor. Sasha with a baseball slide to knock Charlotte down and Sasha with Meteora off the apron. Sasha gets a near fall. Charlotte sends Sasha to the mat and hits a neck breaker. Charlotte with a forearm to knock Sasha off the apron. Charlotte follows Sasha to the floor and hits a running boot that sends Sasha’s head into the ringside barrier. Charlotte takes the belt and tells Sasha she does not deserve it and Sasha kicks Charlotte and sends her into the apron.

Charlotte gets back into the ring and Sasha tosses the title belt to Dana and she catches it so the referee thinks she may have used it and Dana is sent to the back. We go to commercial.

We are back and Charlotte has her boot against the back of Sasha’s head while she stretches Sasha. We see Sasha being sent into the turnbuckles during the commercial break. Sasha with a drop toe hold but Charlotte with an elbow. Sasha with Meteora in the ring. Sasha with forearms and Charlotte fires back. Charlotte with a knee to the midsection and Sasha avoids a boot and Sasha with clotheslines and a drop kick. Charlotte misses a kick and Sasha with a knee. Sasha puts Charlotte in the ropes and hits the double knee drop on the middle rope and Sasha gets a near fall.

Charlotte sends Sasha into the turnbuckles. Sasha lands on her feet on a suplex attempt but Charlotte with a neck breaker. Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault but Sasha moves. Charlotte lands on her feet and Charlotte goes for a flip leg drop but Sasha gets her knees up. Sasha with a suicide dive. Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha goes up top. Charlotte stops Sasha and sets for a superplex but Sasha is dropped on the top rope.

Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault onto the floor and she connects. Charlotte gets a near fall. Charlotte sets for the figure four but Sasha with a rollup for a near fall. Sasha with a kick but Charlotte with a boot to the head and hits Natural Selection. Sasha grabs the rope to stop the referee’s count. Charlotte applies the figure four leg lock and Sasha slaps Charlotte but Charlotte tries to bridge and Charlotte rolls to the floor and keeps the figure four while hanging from the apron.

Charlotte gets back into the ring and Sasha kicks Charlotte into the ropes and applies the Bank Statement. Charlotte rolls over but Sasha holds on. Charlotte has her foot on the rope and Sasha has to release the hold. Sasha with a lungblower and applies the Banks Statement and Charlotte taps out.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Sasha Banks

After the match, Byron Saxton interviews Sasha in the ring and he asks her what this moment means for her.

Sasha says she did it. She says it is the dream she had since she was ten years old. She said she was the best and now the title means she is the best. It is a new era in the WWE. It is the era of The Boss. It is the era of change. It is the era of Women’s Wrestling. Sasha says every time she steps in the ring, she will show why she is champion. She will show that there is only one boss in the WWE and it is her. We go to commercial.

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WWE Battleground results – July 24th, 2016

111_SD_12222015sb_1842-921592359.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003911669.jpg

Dana Brooke and Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

We go to the ring and JoJo makes the introductions as Dana Brooke is out with WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

Sasha Banks is out next, and she makes her way into the arena to a much warmer welcome, letting the suspense build up as to who the mystery partner will be.

Sasha stands in the ring and looks up to the entryway, smiling. The music hits, and it’s Bayley! The crowd gives a great reaction to Bayley, chanting her name loudly as she steps into the ring.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke attack right away, sending Bayley and Sasha crashing out to the floor and gloating over top of them. Charlotte tosses Bayley back into the ring and slams her head against the mat, leaving her for Dana while distracting the ref. The ref backs Charlotte and Dana away and checks in on Bayley. Bayley says she’s good to go, so the bell rings and we’re off. Charlotte kicks at Bayley’s stomach in the corner. Charlotte chops Bayley’s chest, but Bayley responds with a spinning back elbow from the middle rope. Sasha tags in and tees off on Charlotte, going on the offensive with rapid fire punches. Charlotte seats Sasha on the top rope, but Sasha comes back with a hurricanrana from the top. Charlotte and Sasha fight for positioning in the corner before Charlotte simply throws her into the corner and out of the ring.

Charlotte tosses Sasha back into the ring and goes for a quick pin, then tags right out to Dana. Dana stomps and chokes Sasha in the corner before pulling her into the middle of the ring for another near fall. Dana transitions right into a rear chin lock, wrenching back on Sasha’s neck. Sasha fights to her feet and out of the hold, sending Dana into the ropes. Dana tries to prevent Sasha from making the tag, but Sasha slaps her across the face and tags out. Bayley comes in and taks out Dana with repeated chops, a low kick and a back elbow in the corner. Bayley heads to the middle rope and Dana pulls her feet out, pulling her to the mat and slamming the back of her head on the top turnbuckle in the process. Dana grabs Bayley’s arem and wrenches back. Bayley fights out of the hold, but Dana puts her right back down to the mat, then takes her into the corner for a series of shoulders to the midsection. Bayley comes out with a roll up for two. Dana pops right back up and slams Bayley back down to the mat.

Dana chokes Bayley in the corner for a bit before Bayley charges out and both women score with clotheslines. Both make the tag and Sasha comes in with a couple of huge clotheslines to Charlotte, a big dropkick, and a knee to the face. Sasha blocks double boots in the corner and hangs Charlotte up on the middle rope before dropping her knees into Charlotte’s stomach. Sasha heads to the top and leaps off with a cross body that’s good for another two count. Sasha goes for the backstabber, but Charlotte avoids it and scores with Natural Selection instead. Bayley breaks up the pin, but is then thrown out of the ring by Dana. In the ring, Charlotte tries for the Figure Eight, but Banks transitions into the Bank statement. Charlotte is pulled to safety by Dana. Charlotte wipes out Bayley on the floor, then heads back into the ring right into a backstabber into the Bank statement. Charlotte is forced to tap out.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

After the match, Bayley rushes in the ring to celebrate with Sasha. We get replays and come back to the babyfaces looking down at the heels from the ring. Sasha and Bayley hug to end it.

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Smackdown results – July 19th, 2016

111_SD_12222015sb_1842-921592359.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003911669.jpg

Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks 

Sasha and Brooke starts off this match. Charlotte tries to distract Sasha. Sasha ducks a clothesline from Brooke. Sasha with a irish whip that knocks Charlotte off the ring apron. Sasha with a flying double knee strike to Charlotte off the ring apron. Brooke drops Sasha with a running lariat. Brooke applies a surfboard submission hold. Sasha whips Brooke to the corner. Sasha knocks Charlotte off the ring apron. Sasha goes for the Bank Statement, but Brooke holds onto the ropes. Brooke goes for the Samoan Driver, but Sasha gets back on her feet. Charlotte tags herself in. Sasha connects with the Bank Statement, but Charlotte breaks the submission hold with a running boot to the face of Sasha. Charlotte with the Natural Selection to Sasha to pickup the victory.

Winner: Charlotte & Dana Brooke 

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RAW results – July 18th, 2016

111_SD_12222015sb_1842-921592359.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003911669.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003938663.jpg

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke and Charlotte

We go to the ring and out first comes Sasha Banks followed by Becky Lynch. Dana Brooke and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte are out next. The two teams have words before the bell. Dana and Sasha start things off. Sasha goes right for Charlotte and drops Dana with an elbow.

Everything falls apart when Natalya pulls Becky off the apron and beats her up at ringside. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch

After the bell, Sasha is on the floor to make a save but Charlotte nails her out of nowhere and drops her. Charlotte and Dana bring Sasha in the ring for a double team beatdown. They stand tall before leaving to Charlotte’s music.

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Smackdown results – July 14th, 2016

111_SD_12222015sb_1842-921592359.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003911669.jpg WWE_Smackdown_Live_2015_12_22_720p_HDTV_x264-Ebi_mp4_003938663.jpg

Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke w/Charlotte 

Sasha and Brooke locks up. Sasha with a shoulder tackle to Brooke. Brooke rolls out of the ring. Sasha is distracted by Charlotte. Dana chop blocks Sasha. Sasha and Brooke engage in a series of back and forth forearms. Sasha with a sunset flip to Brooke. Sasha with a knee strike to the face of Brooke. Sasha connects with the flying crossbody for a two count. Brooke applies a chin lock. Brooke works on the shoulder of Sasha. Sasha with a forearm that knocks Charlotte off the ring apron. Brooke with a O’Conor Roll for a two count. Sasha gets Brooke in the Bank Statement and Brooke taps out. After the match Charlotte storms into the ring and land’s a big boot. Charlotte launches Sasha over the announce table. Charlotte tells Sasha that she’s the boss.

Winner: Sasha Banks via Submission 

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